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4 design facets in product packaging design

Kraft Corrugated Boxes with String & Button


1. Trademark Design
Trademarks are symbols and symbolic images of enterprises, institutions, commodities and facilities. Trademark is a kind of Arts and crafts related to politics, economy, legal system, art and other fields. The characteristics of trademarks are determined by their functions and forms.
It needs the observer to understand its internal meaning in a relatively short time, while it needs to express the rich content in a simpler, cleaner and more general form in a relatively small space.
2. Graphic Design
Packaging decoration graphics mainly refer to the image of products and other auxiliary decoration images. Graphics, as the language of design, is to show the internal and external elements of the image and convey information to consumers in the form of visual images.
To achieve this goal, accurate positioning of graphic design is very important. The process of positioning is the process of familiarizing with the whole content of the product, including the nature of the commodity, trademark, the meaning of the name and the current situation of the same kind of product, and many other factors should be familiar with and studied.
3. Color Design
Color design plays an important role in packaging design. Color is an important factor in beautifying and highlighting products. The use of packaging color is closely related to the conception and composition of the whole picture design. Packaging color requires planarization and leveling, which is highly summarized by the filtering and refining of color.
Based on people's associations and color habits, it is a means of packaging art to exaggerate and change color. At the same time, the color of packaging must also be subject to the process, materials, uses and sales areas of the system and restrictions.
4. Text Design
Words are symbols that convey ideas, exchange feelings and information, and express the content of a subject. The brand, name, description, advertisement and manufacturer, company or distributor on commodity packaging reflect the essential content of packaging. When designing packaging, these words must be considered as part of the overall packaging design.
The main points of text design in packaging and decoration design are as follows: text content is concise, real, vivid, easy to read and remember; font design should reflect the characteristics, nature and uniqueness of commodities, and have good recognition and aesthetic function; the layout of text and the overall design style of packaging should be harmonious.

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