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Advertising Principle of Product Packaging Design

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When consumers are in face-to-face contact with a wide range of products, packaging itself is the most important carrier of product information, becoming a direct incentive to stimulate consumer desire and determine consumer buying behavior. Besides the basic function of protecting products, packaging design plays a more and more important role in advertising information dissemination. What are the principles of advertising in packaging design?
Packaging is an important part of commodities. The functions of packaging include four aspects: protecting product function, storing and transporting function, promoting sales function and increasing profit function. In addition to the above four functions, the advertising communication function of packaging has received extensive attention in recent years. The advertising function of packaging embodies that product packaging can be used as a carrier of advertising information dissemination of packaged products and even other products. As a carrier of advertising information, packaging design can include brand, trademark, product advertising language, advertising image, advertising pictures, product information and other advertising communication elements. When consumers read or read the packaging words or pictures, the advertising communication function of packaging has been realized invisibly.
Analysis of Advertising Dissemination Effect of Packaging. Advertising is essentially a mass communication activity aiming at promoting sales and disseminating information about products or services through specific media. Packaging design is also a creative expression of product information and visual communication with consumers. Excellent packaging design has prominent sales promotion function. The commonality of packaging design and advertising communication in purpose and creative expression of information provides realistic conditions for the realization of advertising communication function in packaging design.
Specific forms of advertising communication in packaging design. Packaging is an important carrier of product advertising information. In packaging design, the main information elements transmitted include product name, brand, trademark, manufacturer, raw materials and so on. These information are also information elements in advertising communication. Advertising communication expresses these information creatively, either by visual expression or auditory expression, and communicates creative information through advertising media and target consumers. Visual information expression in advertising communication also often appears in packaging design. In this sense, product packaging has become the carrier of product advertising information.
Packing is the most direct advertisement of products. Under the circumstances of abundant commodities, serious homogeneity of products and surrounded by media information, the role of packaging in communication with consumers is becoming more and more obvious, and the advertising role of packaging is increasingly recognized and recognized by people. Although some brands have made some successful applications in the use of packaging design for advertising communication, some institutions and scholars have explored packaging advertising. But on the whole, the existence of some problems affects the full play of the role of packaging advertising.

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