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Categories of paper cans

Category of paper cans:

  1. According to the purpose, that is to say, what should be contained in it. At present, the market can be divided into tea cans, food cans, wine cans, written cans, calendar cans and so on. Among them, liquor can is the most common one. It is labeled with paper tube and its appearance is exquisite. The liquor can not help but rise to a higher grade. Pearl cotton is added to the paper can, and foaming gum plays a very good protective role for liquor.
  2. According to the shape, there are more barrels, square barrels, flat barrels and prismatic barrels on the market. Among them, barrels are the most common. Nowadays, many supermarkets use barrels for their red wines, which are both beautiful and generous.
  3. According to the cover, it can be divided into two kinds, one is edge-rolling, the upper and lower cover are cardboard, the other is not edge-rolling, upper and lower iron cover (or easy-to-pull cover), in addition, there are wooden cover.
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