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Customization Process of Packaging Bag Color Printing

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When customizing color printing packaging bags, many partners are waiting for the salesmen of packaging production enterprises to follow up step by step. If the bags are not in a hurry, that's OK. However, the initial cycle of such customized packaging bags will be longer, which greatly reduces the work efficiency. In order to enable major enterprises to quickly receive customized color printing packaging bags, small editors edit the customization process of the color printing packaging bags. Hope to help shorten the customization cycle and improve efficiency.
The first step is whether there are design documents for color printing bags. Sometimes enterprises have their own packaging designers or look for other design companies to do the design, then the design drawings to the packaging bag manufacturers, we will carry out color printing typesetting design. If there is no design drawings, then we need to prepare a copy for our design. The documents that need to be prepared vary from industry to industry, but they are similar. Mainly includes the necessary color printing information: product name, logo, trademark, main ingredients (can be named by formula and food formula), product registration barcode, net content, producer information (including full name, license number and address of producer), QS logo or license number (CS logo in 2017), product standard number, storage method, etc. Use methods, if there are allergens or inappropriate conditions, need to indicate the precautions, as well as the size of the packaging bags, the type and material of the bags you want to use, the direction of marking the wrapping film, the commonly used theme color, the cultural overview of the enterprise, the commonly used background map and the theme you want to embody. These information must be carefully and carefully checked. There must be no mistyping. Then we design by our designer, and then give the design to you for confirmation, again carefully check the above information. There may be several roundtrips between design and verification, and the time may not be certain. If there are no problems, then proceed to the next step.
The second step is color printing plate for packaging bags; our soft package engineer will make printing and typesetting and printing plate according to the design drawings, material and process requirements. It takes about five to six days.
The third step is printing and composite slitting. Choose the packaging bag material for color printing, different equipment color printing speed is different, printing effect is also different, of which the high-speed machine color printing efficiency is the highest. After the color printing is finished, other processes are carried out, such as aluminium washing, hot stamping, surface coating, etc. Thermal seal layer and other film layers with enhanced properties are then combined, which needs to be dried and cured after completing. After completing the recombination, the recombination situation was detected and the defect was marked. Then slicing and rewinding, at this time, the packaging bag color printing production is basically completed. Provide the inspected wrapping film directly to the full-automatic packaging manufacturer.
The fourth step is to make color printing bags. Cutting and rewinding the color printing film, and putting it on the corresponding bag-making machine for automatic bag-making. For example, zipper bag making machine can make self-contained bags with zippers, bags with eight sides, etc. Some bags need to be folded before they are put on the bagging machine.
The fifth step is to inspect and pack the products, eliminate the unqualified ones, make every effort to get zero unqualified products out of the factory, pack the qualified products, some will use cartons to pack, some will use nylon bags to pack.
The sixth step, delivery acceptance, usually using freight logistics delivery, if more urgent, will also use express delivery. Send the beautifully printed color printing bags to customers for acceptance.
This is the customization process of color printing packaging bags. The supply cycle of the whole process is about 10-15 days from the date of confirmation of the design drawings.

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