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Diversified Use of Paper Can Packaging

For many of us who haven't come into contact with this industry, the paper cans we talk about every time must not know what the paper cans are. Thus, the resulting tea cartons, round cartons like Cobike, cans of chicken powder, etc. We all need to reinterpret before we realize it. Oh, it turned out to be that carton. As a niche product in packaging industry, its use is actually very diverse.

Paper cans and cartons have not developed for a long time. Unlike tin cans and plastics, carton packaging has been developing for a long time. The mechanized production of products is also mature. As a paper pot manufacturer for several years, the renewal of product machinery has gone through five generations, until now the machinery is still in constant improvement. Therefore, this kind of packaging can replace many of the current cans and plastic, carton packaging products.

So, how does it replace it? First of all, we must replace it because it has advantages. There is no advantage, why replace the original packaging. What I want to say is that with our increasing awareness of environmental protection, paper cans are a good choice for environmental protection packaging. For the sealing and compressive effect that cartons can not reach, paper cans have better use value. Secondly, in terms of appearance design, paper cans also have a very good space to play. For example, our daily use of tea, milk powder, dried fruits, condiments and other food storage, such as our daily use of money jars, underwear packaging, ball packaging, calligraphy and painting calendar can be used in our cans packaging.

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