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Function of Packaging


1.2 Function of Packaging
1.2.1 Protective function; Protective function is also the most basic function of packaging, even if the goods are not damaged by various external forces. A commodity must be circulated many times before it can enter the shopping mall or other places and finally reach consumers. During this period, it needs to go through loading and unloading, transportation, inventory, display, sales and other links. In the storage and transportation process, many external factors, such as impact, humidity, light, gas, bacteria... All these factors will threaten the safety of commodities. Therefore, as a teacher, before starting the design, we should first think about the packaging structure and materials to ensure the safety of goods in circulation.
1.2.2 Convenience function; the so-called convenience function, that is, whether the packaging of goods is easy to use, carry, store and so on. A good packaging work should be "people-oriented" and consider from the perspective of consumers, which will close the relationship between commodities and consumers, increase consumers'desire to buy, increase their confidence in commodities, and promote communication between consumers and enterprises. I think many people like the pleasure of "pop" when they buy canned drinks.
1.2.3 Sales function; Previously, people often said that "wine fragrance is not afraid of deep alleys", "first-class products, second-class packaging, three equivalent prices". As long as the product quality is good, it will not worry about selling out. In today's increasingly competitive market, the role and importance of packaging is also well known to manufacturers. People have already felt that "the fragrance of wine is afraid of the depth of the lane". How to make our products sell well, how to make our products jump out of the dazzling shelves, only depending on the quality of products and media bombardment, is far from enough. Because, in a variety of supermarkets and self-service stores springing up today, direct consumer-oriented packaging is the product itself. Good packaging, can directly attract the attention of consumers, so that consumers have a strong desire to buy, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting smoothness. Imagine that a product, in the media, depicts its magic, whether it is the function, the appearance quality, let people listen to all the stupidity, want to immediately kiss Fangze, it can be said that once owned, there is nothing else to ask for. But when you get something, what jumps out of your sight is a crude package, full of strong "earth" and "greasy" flavor, and the color makes people dazzle at a glance. Do you have a sense of trust in its products? I'm afraid your first thought is whether the media is wrong and the advertising is so good. I was disappointed before I opened it. Nowadays, many smart manufacturers and planning companies have listed packaging as one of their 4P strategies (position market, product products, package packaging). By incorporating packaging into CI, while promoting products, it also improves its corporate image.

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