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Gift packaging gallery

Original by 宋峖妍 Translated by ed
I. Detailed Creativity
Creative Perspective
Cut out the desired shape on the wrapping paper and fill it with other colored paper or pictures to create a three-dimensional feel.

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Romantic Simulated Flowers
Most of them are hand-made paper flowers, silk flowers and so on. Flower decorations are often matched with cotton, hemp and lace.

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Fresh Mori Style
Other answers also mention plants, let alone forestry dried flowers and other plants and kraft paper very match, pay attention to the proportion is good.

Artistic Embroidery
The delicate lines are embroidered on paper, which is suitable for expressing delicate and low-key blessings.

Coiled braiding
Slightly thick wool or paper strips, cloth strips for knitting or modeling, with monotonous packaging paper, there is also a special sense of design.

Textual suggestive class
Those special blessings, or speechless words, can also be hidden in scattered words on the packaging.

Even all kinds of calendars and calendars can be used. Life is full.

Interesting little ornaments
Simple packaging plus special gadgets for decoration, can also add interest, more chic expression of blessings.

II. Overall Creativity
Random graffiti
It's not just a gift, it's a wild personality.

I want to open my mouth to the gift. Look at the graffiti.☟

However, for those who have no foundation in painting, reality may turn out to be like this.……☟

Cute Cartoon
Cute cartoon style is super suitable for the soft girls of Kawaii.

Sweet Style
No matter what kind of gift, with more candy and fruit packaging, there will be different sweet taste.

Paper embellishment
Even the most common packaging, there can be new patterns, try different colors or unique implications.

Warm Fabrics
Compared with wearable wrapping paper, wool, cotton and linen are not only more practical, but also have different soft texture.

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