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How important is product packaging design?

Original by 熊秋悦 Translated by ed
The importance of product packaging.
Summary of the importance of product design: 1. Explain information, let people know what they are buying 2. Have unique or prominent flashpoints, so that products can stand out from competitors of the same kind 3. Product packaging as part of brand recognition, may also bear the part of brand imagination.
Take it apart and talk about the first item in detail: the expression of basic information, which is easy to understand. That is to let consumers know what your products are, why they are, and what consumer needs they can meet.
This is not difficult, but sometimes from some point of view, some beautiful product packaging that meets the requirements of aesthetic design is not necessarily excellent product packaging. Because, the information is not clear, or, let the consumer mistake for other products.
Like this product, what do you think it is?

It looks very interesting. Simulated sliced cucumbers are kind of like aromatherapy candles. Cucumbers also make us think about something.
And the white radish series.

Packing is really innovative. It actually sells condoms.

Do you think it's great?
We'll cheer for such interesting and innovative designs in textbooks or magazines, but when you imagine shopping in supermarkets, people don't necessarily feel very ashamed to stay in the area where they buy condoms for a long time. Sometimes they don't even look at them and rush to take them and pay for them. So if this set is placed in such an area, according to the usual shopping habits, it will be easy to misunderstand. Either nobody asks, or they are bought for the wrong purpose.
Of course, if a common version, a network sales version, this as a gimmick, that is also possible.
In fact, the main purpose of product packaging is to guide people's shopping choices. In most cases, it is necessary to satisfy people's expectations of a large category of cognition, such as seeing white Lille cartons to know milk, big expansion bags of French fries, if the two in turn, will cause misunderstanding.
Second, stand out, this is based on clear information, such as some products packaging more aesthetic, more concise, or more prominent product characteristics.
For example, two brands of potato chips

The packaging attributes of the product itself are similar. In fact, the two designs are similar, better under the color, there is star effect above. Say that the following color matching is not suitable for potato chips is also drunk, pure aesthetic sense to say that the above color matching is a little worse.
By contrast, neither is so good as to jump out of the same category and make a particularly eye-catching design.

This is absolutely a clean flow in hot strips.
Third, functionality is very important, aesthetic feeling is very important, brand association is more important, especially in this era of consumer upgrading.
Product packaging, as a part of brand identification elements, will lead consumers to think and associate with brand extension, and influence subsequent purchases and even the purchase of other products under the brand. In fact, as consumers, we should also feel this trend more and more. Many products are purchased not for its function, but for the force and feel. The feeling of relaxation after loading is the association brought by brand. And once the atmosphere of force and story is created successfully, the price of the product will also be affected.
Let's take a simple example, like Dove Chocolate.

Its packaging is consistent with the orientation of "enjoy silk slippery" from the perspective of product taste.

Then another kind of Ferrero, created a sense of history, golden classics, Mr. Ferrero started this brand after World War II, Golden packaging with the typical Italian luxury (some times a little over decorative) that vigor. This kind of wealth and nobility is very suitable for the high-end positioning of our country. It was once embezzled by a domestic chocolate brand for a long time, and then it was taken back by a lawsuit. From the consumer's point of view, I am a Cantonese, this chocolate is not delicious to heaven, but when you come to Guangdong for the New Year's Day, it's crazy to sell it.
The design combined with brand is not simple, it involves a whole set of visual symbols association.
Or with the example of hand-to-hand explanation.

The common Budweiser beer can be seen from the picture above. In general, the packaging form remains unchanged, there are many visual elements in the fine-tuning actually have their own views in it. The product transport and functional instructions remain unchanged. In fact, Budweiser has maintained a blue, white and red color for a long time. The trick here is that these three colors are consistent with the color of the American flag and can evoke patriotic associations among consumers.
However, this strategy can not be unchanged, and the product should be more prominent in the later stage. So the final mark of this version is the enhancement of Budweiser bow logo and the removal of blue, thus focusing more on the product itself.
What I appreciate about Budweiser's brand design strategy is that its main idea is to emphasize Budweiser's concept, convey Budweiser's unique brewing technology and the high quality of its 135-year history.
This strategy is still not about the functionality and taste of the product, but mainly about the historical inheritance.

This consistency of packaging design and brand is sometimes a very delicate and hairy thing. It is easy to highlight the bow, and began to flatten, but it does seem more international, and the packaging of the bottle body is more concise and strong. Blue fonts reappear, the contrast is more obvious.
Pyramid visual structure is used to convey brand meaning and story. The top level of packaging, the paragraph that explains the meaning of the brand, has now become the focus of vision.
This process of packaging modification matches Budweiser's care, caution and high attention to detail when brewing beer.
It took so much effort but another version came out.

This year's new Budweiser cutting edge cans, specially provided for night venues in Guangdong, came out with new design concepts and invited the big bang sun to hold a conference. The importance of packaging, the lengthening of bottles and cans, the difference between the traditional design of short cans, want to express a new, avant-garde feeling, with the atmosphere of the night, deliberately modify the packaging, is also quite exquisite. At the same time, take this as an event news point, and invite the spokespersons who conform to the brand image to match together, thus completing the expression of the whole Budweiser brand's "new and extraordinary true self".
When we see such packaging again, consumers will have more associations in their minds, and they will feel that beer itself is a popular culture, so that the cultivation of brands in consumers'hearts can be achieved. Next time you choose beer, maybe your first unconscious choice is it.
Of course, maybe you don't see any difference.
So I want to tell you that my design gallery is dedicated to these subtle differences, all kinds of fashions of different ages, all kinds of ways and explorations, is a bunch of people put in to promote.
To sum up, the importance of product packaging is probably so simple that it and the brand image of the product are in general one. As for the quantification of importance, I would say that the final design of Budweiser cost more than a few million dollars a year. The bigger the company, the more attention will be paid to these details.

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