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Introduction of Packing Carton Material

I. Powdered Paper
Single powder paper is also called single-sided copperplate paper (single-sided copperplate paper).
1. The paper is smooth on one side and dumb on the other. Only the smooth surface can be printed.
2. It can realize printing of various colours without restriction on colours.
3. The commonly used surface treatment processes after printing are gluing, UV, hot stamping and bumping.

II. Double Copper Paper
Double copper paper refers to double-sided copper plate paper. Double-sided copperplate paper is one kind of copperplate paper, that is, double-sided coating, both sides have good smoothness. This material is of high quality.
1. The paper is smooth on both sides and can be used for double-sided printing, while the single copper paper has only one smooth side. But the stiffness and hardness of single copper are higher than that of double copper. Moreover, the single copper is slightly yellowish, and its luster is not obvious as that of double copper.
2. The biggest difference from single copper paper is the possibility of double-sided printing.
3. The common surface treatment technology after printing: glue, UV, hot stamping, bumping, etc.

III. pit paper
Pit paper is a smooth kraft paper and wavy paper (collectively referred to as paper core) mounting, is one of the important materials of paper packaging.
1. Compared with ordinary paper, it is straighter and has stronger load-bearing capacity.
2. Single pit, double pit and three pits are commonly used.
3. It can print all kinds of colors, but the effect is not as good as copper paper.
4. The common surface treatment technology after printing: glue, UV, hot stamping, bumping.

IV. Special Paper
Special paper is a kind of paper with special use and small output. There are many kinds of special paper, which is the general name of all kinds of special purpose paper or art paper.
1. There are many kinds of special paper. Here we only say that we use embossed paper, pattern paper, condensate pearlescent pattern paper, star-picked metal pattern paper, gold paper and so on.
2. After special treatment, these papers can improve the quality of packaging.
3. Embossing and embossing can not be printed, only surface hot stamping, star picking, gold paper, etc. can be printed in 4 colors.,5,5,80,26/sign=d1460a449e2f07084b082252884dd3fc/55e736d12f2eb938cdc062f9d5628535e5dd6f0f.jpg

V. Cardboard
1. Used for making gift box structure, with a single layer of powder paper or special paper mounted on the surface;
2. The commonly used colors are black, white, grey and yellow.
3. The thickness of cardboard also has different grades, which should be selected according to the load-bearing needs.
4. If mounted with single powder, the process is consistent with the single powder carton. If mounted with special paper, most of them can only be hot stamped, some can be printed simply, but the printing effect is not good.

Material selection of gift boxes is very important. Before making gift boxes, it must be based on product demand, which can effectively protect commodities and achieve the goal of economic and environmental protection.

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