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On the Integration of Artistic Creativity and Marketing in Packaging Boxes Design On the Integration of Artistic Creativity and Marketing in Packaging Boxes Design

Because product development and packaging design are market-oriented and consumer-oriented, packaging designers must intervene in the market and incorporate packaging design into the marketing background in order to design excellent packaging that meets the needs of the market and target consumers. Market should be the starting point and end point of product packaging. From the perspective of modern market economy, we can understand that the so-called market refers to a group of people who have demand for a certain product and have enough ability to buy it. From the micro-economic analysis of enterprises, the market is the production of market = consumer (customer) + purchasing power + desire (demand). The generation of desire (demand) in modern market should be the concern of product development and marketing design.
The so-called artistic creativity of packaging box design is to combine the form and aesthetic feeling of art with many factors such as society, culture, economy, market, science and technology, and reproduce it in the design closely related to our life, so that it not only has aesthetic function, but also has marketing function. At the same time, it is also a highly comprehensive subject, involving social, cultural, economic, market, science and technology, packaging and many other factors. Its aesthetic standards are in fact the embodiment of the Designers'comprehensive qualities (such as performance, perception, imagination, suggestion).
Whether it is packaging design or advertising packaging design, it involves artistic creativity. To a certain extent, both "elite culture" and "aristocratic design" should be highly serviced. On the other hand, it should also meet the needs of all levels of society and various types of consumer groups. Sometimes the level of art and design works should have "Yangchun Baixue", sometimes there should be "Xialiba people", but more should have "both elegant and popular appreciation". First of all, we have to face the understanding of the design object - the understanding of the background culture, geography, history and humanities related to the design object. Product packaging box design is the integration of technology, art and marketing. Its purpose is to serve the market. It is the watershed between innovative thinking mode and traditional human thinking mode.
The traditional way of thinking is that when people understand the world, they strictly distinguish between truth and falsity, good and evil, beauty and ugliness, subjectivity and objectivity in the way of "polar opposition". This way of thinking is reflected in philosophy, science and art. But when it comes to modern marketing, it is far from enough to develop creativity only by binary thinking. In an era of open science and technology + internet, we can not develop creativity by linear logical reasoning thinking. Because the market is no longer the consumption pattern of the past market, the product surplus and demand are also excessive at the same time; marketing homogeneity, consumers have become numb. The thinking mode of innovative packaging design should be the integration of marketing thinking and artistic thinking. It needs the perceptual image thinking of art, the logical thinking supported by technology, and the marketing thinking of psychological mind. These are all indivisible ways to understand the world.
First, how to define marketing?
The essence of marketing is to realize transaction and produce value. It is a knowledge of how to let customers find you, like you and come to you. The word "Ying" means that in the environment of market economy, products and target customers are connected in series by individuals or groups, and the purpose of "marketing" is realized by means of face-to-face and shoulder-to-shoulder with customers, so as to make profits. Philip Collett, a world-renowned marketing expert and professor of Northwestern University, defines marketing as a social and managerial process in which individuals or groups satisfy their desires and needs by creating and exchanging products and values.
Marketing is very scientific and artistic, but as far as a subject is concerned, it is neither a science nor an art, but a systematic practice based on human nature. This practice lies in constant insight into "human nature", insight into "common sense", self-reflection and "trial and error" of the market. Since we have made the definition of "marketing is a continuous practice", we need to make a new understanding of the essence of marketing, and every re-understanding of marketing will make marketing develop to a new level.
If we can go deep into the essence of phenomena to understand marketing, then we can rise to a new level to grasp the connotation of marketing. We will realize that marketing is to tap the needs of consumers and meet the needs of consumers. This is the psychological insight and behavior research of consumers as the main body, rather than from a self-standpoint to set up. Design by design. Just as selling things by product companies is not the ultimate goal, so consumer buying is not the ultimate goal.
As far as consumer goods are concerned, they are all for a better self and a better quality of life. The purpose of purchasing industrial products is to improve work efficiency and maximize business. Therefore, marketing is not only to let consumers feel the performance and characteristics of products, but also to organize marketing activities according to consumers'needs.

Marketing Design of Product Packaging

Design of Brand Logo

Signs are also called signs, marks, marks and so on. It is the basis of building brand with packaging box, representing or referring to something with refined image, expressing certain meaning, conveying specific information, and having more intuitive and vivid information transmission function. It is the most recognizable mass communication symbol in modern society. On the one hand, the brand name composed of brand logo and text becomes the image. On the other hand, the successful design of the logo deepens the public's recognition, understanding and memory, and establishes the consumer's loyalty and trust to the commodity brand.

Design of Packaging Box
Packaging design refers to the design of the structure and appearance of product containers and other packaging. The original purpose of packaging is mainly to protect goods and facilitate storage. In addition to these basic purposes, modern packaging has become an important competitive means for enterprises to compete for consumers. With the intensification of commodity competition, people's demand for individualized commodities is increasing, and the significance of individualized packaging is more obvious. Excellent packaging design can accurately convey brand connotation and brand positioning to consumers, improve the commercial and social value of brands, and induce the purchasing desire of target consumers. With the popularization and development of modern supermarket circulation mechanism, customer shopping has more autonomy, diversity, brand personality characteristics and unique charm. Product packaging will be more popular with consumers.

Visual Communication and Advertising Design of Packaging Box
This is a design pattern that uses visual symbols to convey product advertising information. With the emergence of commodity production and commodity consumption, oral advertisement and physical advertisement were first produced; after the invention of printing, print advertisement appeared; the renewal and creation of modern communication technology gave birth to many media advertisement design patterns, such as radio advertisement, film and television advertisement, and network advertisement.
On the basis of scientific and sufficient market research, modern enterprises have formulated targeted advertising objectives and plans. By using the powerful media offensive of modern advertising design, they can achieve near and far-reaching communication effect to arouse people's recessive consumption desire, and make it become dominant demand so as to create consumption.

Design of added value of commodities
Since the 1980s, many countries in the world have entered the design era. The arrival of the design era means that the world economy develops from the "material economy" to the "knowledge economy", and in a sense, it also means the arrival of the era of high added value of products. The successful establishment of personalized brand design and CI image design guarantees the realization of high added value of products.
The world famous enterprises also use their unique brand effect to redevelop and design other products and gain more added value. Therefore, the competition of modern enterprises to create high value-added commodities mainly depends on design competition. Design highlights the function of value means in the issue of product value-added.

The concept of marketing must be penetrated in the artistic creation of packaging box design
In an open and relaxed social environment, the continuous development of social market economy and culture has created a diversified growth trend of design. The field of artistic creativity in packaging box design has gradually broken the traditional and closed old model, transformed from the former "arts and crafts" to "marketing design" and gradually conformed to the country. With the development of international trend, the artistic creative ideas of packaging box design in China are innovating in the continuous development and change.
In the field of culture, art itself does not have much utilitarianism, which is its most precious point, while design is the art of service, the two need to achieve a technical balance. To do product packaging design, we should do it according to the specific requirements and potential needs of the consumer market, which carries a certain purpose. When a designer has to satisfy the specific requirements of consumers on the one hand, but also to ensure that the concept of art can be embodied in the design, this involves the balance concept and the overall thinking ability.
Some enterprise customers who have neither artistic knowledge nor marketing awareness often lead to excessive interference which can not penetrate the innovative ideas of designers in their design works. If the designer blindly acts according to the customer's requirements, the business atmosphere and work effect are no different from those of the engineer. However, since customers find designers, of course, they want to design differently, elegant art, salable effect, and to ensure the brand's expressive force, which is an inseparable knot at present, which requires the synchronization and synchronization of the ideas and communication between the host and the guest. Only in this way can we continue to develop healthily in the new economic era, can the artistic creativity of packaging box design be more rational, and can we create "reasonable artistic creative works of packaging box design", so as to increase the market share to win the greatest profits, thereby creating the maximum value.
Marketing, there will always be good opportunities, because TA always cooperates with "needs, desires and needs to be met", because socialized people, needs, needs and desires will not be met in any generation.

In today's market economy, the artistic creativity of packaging box design is no longer a noble and elegant synonym, but an important means of marketing any tangible and intangible products, and has become an important carrier of marketing and promotion products. Analysis of the market can help designers to understand who the design is for. For example, if a package of cigarettes produced by a cigarette factory is changed into a cylinder or other peculiar shape, we can only say that it is a styled handicraft. Only square cigarette box can be called design, because only square cigarette box can be convenient. It's common sense to put it in your pocket for transportation and sales. Therefore, more design is reflected in the text, graphics and color outside the cigarette box. As a designer, the concept of marketing and the needs of the public must be introduced into the design, which is the precondition for the artistic creativity of packaging box design. It is also the decisive factor for the success of the artistic creativity of packaging box design, whether it can open up and occupy the market for enterprises, and whether it can help enterprises survive and develop.
The goal of modern packaging design is no longer limited to one person, but to serve the target market. Therefore, the artistic creativity of packaging box design should be combined with marketing. For designers, it is necessary to have a certain market analysis ability, while taking into account the interests of enterprises and consumers, in order to design a good package works. In today's global marketization and scientific and technological informationization, we should advocate the use of innovative consciousness, marketing thinking, human nature concept, market purpose to design modern works combined with market economy, so that art can serve economy, market and service. Mass consumers!

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