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Packaging Design Based on Consumption Psychology

With the rapid development of modern society and economy, the competition of commodity market is becoming more and more fierce. Consumers are also very picky about the choice of commodities. The more accurately packaging design reflects product personality, the more attractive it will be to customers. Its essential process is a psychological marketing tool. The influence of consumer psychology on packaging design is the response of packaging design to consumer psychological needs. Packaging has a great impact on consumers'psychology, and can even influence their understanding and feeling of products.
As a highly knowledge-intensive creative activity, commodity packaging design plays an important role in stimulating consumption, improving commodity competitiveness and promoting enterprise development. The strategy of commodity packaging based on consumer's habits can facilitate consumers to use commodities, and consumers can identify and remember commodities through packaging. Serial packaging is one of the main methods.
Commodities with similar uses, similar quality or the same brand shall be packaged in the same style, pattern, color and shape. This "unified" packaging of different commodities can enhance people's vision, but also can borrow the popularity of one commodity to open up the market of other commodities. Therefore, it can produce psychological effects that are easy to identify and memorize commodities.
Cook & Nelson's products use this consumer psychology. They are like the pockets of Duo Hao A Dream. They have a variety of products from different origins. They use uniform blue, yellow and red color decoration screen, so that all packaging presents a series of sense, but the pattern on each box is based on the flag or product characteristics of the city where the product is located, so each product maintains its unique personality. Excellent Serial Sense Packaging gives you the idea to collect other products after you buy one product.

Original by 晨狮设计 Translated by ed

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