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Packaging design of melon seeds and nuts

Serving customers: 老闫家
Service Content: Product Concept Carding, Product Selling Point Focusing, Series Product Packaging Design
老闫家 is the top three pumpkin seed products in China.
Main products are deep-processed fried pumpkin seeds and nuts.
Through investigation and communication, the concept of "inheritance of good quality and national benevolence in craftsmanship" was determined.
The main consumer group is young fashion group.
Sales channels are Shangchao convenience stores and e-commerce.
So in the design of sunflower seeds, we mainly use mixed fashion illustrations with Chinese style.
It not only embodies the core concepts, but also has obvious differences with the packaging of similar products.
Creative Director: 高鹏 Designer: 高鹏 Illustrator: 徐燕梁 Effect Presentation: 张龙园 高鹏

Original by 高鹏设计 Translated by ed

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