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Q&A: I would like to ask packaging designers what's the design process of this packaging bag?

Prepare to design a package for a friend, similar to this:

What's my design process? In the past, making packing boxes can draw flat layouts of boxes in AI. Is it easier to design such bags by typesetting them directly and dragging them into AI? What's more, I don't need to care about the material of the bag. I just need to provide him with pictures. Is the design work finished, and I'm not responsible for the rest?


Author by 李小果

The following is a personal summary of the packaging design process for reference.

I. Input: Ensure Requirements
1. According to the product manager's positioning and the designer's own understanding of the product, determine the scope of packaging cost, and determine the packaging mode accordingly.
2. If it is a product of a new product line, the product packaging mode can be determined according to market research, and the cost range of the whole packaging module can be estimated.
Specific to the products in the theme map, we can conclude that the product packaging mode has been determined, so the next step is to determine the size of the product packaging according to the actual product size.

II. Design: Reflect product characteristics to attract consumers'attention and promote sales
1. Determine the size: Determine the size of the package according to the size of the product;
Why must the designer determine this size? Is it enough to install this product? Personally, in order to design the aesthetic feeling, it is very important to determine the size.
Dimensional requirement: Place in the dimension that can present the product characteristics. Size ratio should be beautiful, generous, put on the market to attract the attention of consumers, increase and improve the conversion rate.
Specifically, the product packaging shown in the theme map is as follows:
Tin foil or aluminium foil on the back + PET + four-color printing surface dumb film on the front
Material: Tin foil or aluminium foil, PET specifications are priced according to thickness, the thickness unit is: silk, different thickness of printed products have different texture;
Printing: Copper gravure printing, which requires a color to make a copperplate;
2. Draw the cutter pattern according to the determined size.
3. Determine the dimension of the design plan according to the cutter pattern, and pay attention to the need for bleeding in this dimension.

4. Carry out creative graphic design in design dimension paving, dividing the drawings into front and back;

Note: The cutter pattern and the design plan should be divided into different layers.

In this way, the document is clean and neat, and it is convenient for the printing factory to arrange the design elements into a group at the later stage of the typesetting process, so as to avoid the fall of the design elements in the later stage of the typesetting process and avoid rework.

III. Output: Provide accurate documents to facilitate the smooth progress of follow-up processes
1. Export the design draft to a jpg drawing, which contains the design plan + cutter pattern + dimension.
Precision is not too high, for the demand side to use the manuscript (determine text elements, etc.).
2. Provide design source files (ai files) for printing plants. Design and use software: Adobe Illustrator
Printers will use design source documents in the following areas:
Design Flat Layout - > Used for Gravure Printing
Tool Mould Drawing - > Making Tool Mould
So far, the question of the theme is believed to have been solved, but the packaging of a product is not limited to the packaging design of a single product and graphic creative design, but also contains some other practical work. Next, I will continue to talk about it.

IV. Output: Auxiliary Work
1. Material requirements can be provided. Demanders can select suitable price suppliers according to the material requirements + dimensions + printing process provided by you.
When inquiring, the supplier can be asked to offer a ladder price.
What is the ladder price? Simply put, each product is packaged and printed in different quantities, and the cost is quoted according to the printing volume.
Because the cost of the open edition of each printed document is fixed, the more quantity printed, the cheaper the unit price.
2. Batch Packaging Design of Products
Products should have channels to go to the market, channel transportation needs to use batch packaging box.
According to the product in the picture, the product also needs to be packed in P O bags.
For example: this product is compact, according to channel sales experience according to 500
PCS/box products, then 50 PCS/1PO bags, 10 bags/box.
According to the above volume, the length, width and height of the batch packing box are calculated. According to the size, the expansion diagram of the batch packing box is drawn and the size is marked. (Tool pattern, dimension inside diameter and outside diameter are acceptable).
Nailing technology is not allowed in export batch boxes, but glue is enough.
3. Upon completion of the above work, a production line packaging instruction shall be provided as required.
Packaging guidance for single product factory production line and packing guidance for batch products.

V. Completion.

Translated by ed

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