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Q&A: What is the process of designing a package product independently?


For example, when designing, we should pay attention to the structural problems. Is the final product cut and folded by ourselves or can the staff print it out in real time according to the structure when printing?
Author: 嗒哒
First of all, you should determine the size and basic shape of the box. The shape of the box can be ordinary cubes and also has a design shape.
If the shape is determined, it is based on the size of the CorelDRAW drawing expansion (of course, you can use other software can also be concluded to export PDF), a box printing and cutting basically have three layout to do, one is die cutting plate, as follows:

Then there is an indentation version for folding, as follows:

Then there is a printing plate. The printing plate is all the graphic information you print on the box. According to your own requirements, you can also add spot-color plate and embossing plate. If you have that kind of dotted line which is easy to tear, you need to add a punching plate, as well as a separate plate for stamping and other processes.
When making the above layout, we should pay attention to the relative position of the content of each version, otherwise there will be duplication or misalignment in the process of printing and processing.
But usually you design the packaging box and give it to the printing staff. They will make up their own paper and check the spot color. As long as you communicate with them the effect you want, you basically have to do well in the design.

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