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Three Functions of Product Packaging Design

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Three Functions of Product Packaging Design
(1) Protection function: the most basic function of packaging. To protect the packaging of commodities, we can not simply understand that this is to give commodities a shell to prevent external invasion. In fact, the significance of protecting commodities is multiple:
A. Packaging should not only prevent physical damage of commodities such as shock, vibration and pressure resistance, but also chemical and other damage. For example, the dark color of beer bottle can protect the beer from being irradiated by light and not deteriorating. There are also a variety of composite film packaging can play a role in moisture-proof, anti-radiation and other aspects at the same time.
B. Besides, packaging should not only prevent damage from outside to inside, but also prevent damage from inside to outside. If chemical packaging does not meet the requirements and leaks, it will cause damage to the environment. C. There is still a time problem for packaging to protect products. Some packaging needs to provide long-term or even decades of constant protection, such as red wine. Some packaging can be designed and manufactured in a simple way, which can be easily destroyed.
(2) Convenient function: easy to transport, load and unload, easy to keep and store, easy to carry and use, easy to recycle and waste disposal. (Specification, size, shape, weight, packaging technology, material, structure, opening method, etc.).
A. Time Convenience: Scientific packaging can save precious time for people's activities, such as fast food, easy-to-open packaging, etc.
B. Spatial convenience: Spatial convenience of packaging is essential to reduce circulation costs. Especially for supermarkets with a wide variety of commodities and fast turnover, they attach great importance to the utilization of shelves, so they pay more attention to the space convenience of packaging. Specification standardized packaging, hanging packaging, disassembly and disassembly of large-scale combination products, etc., these types of packaging can make more reasonable use of logistics space.
C. Labor-saving convenience: According to ergonomics principle and combining with practical experience, reasonable packaging can save people's physical energy consumption and create a sense of hedonism in modern life.
(3) Promotion function: This is one of the most important functions of packaging design. In supermarkets, standardized products are clustered on shelves. The products of different manufacturers only depend on the packaging of products to show their own characteristics. These packaging propagate themselves in artistic language such as exquisite shape, striking trademarks, appropriate words and bright colors.
Promotion function is based on aesthetic feeling. Modern packaging requires the concretization of the connotation of "beautification". The image of packaging not only reflects the nature and management characteristics of production enterprises, but also reflects the intrinsic quality of commodities. It can reflect the aesthetic taste of different consumers and meet their psychological and physiological needs.

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