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Three levels of packaging design

Tuck in Flap Kraft Paper Folding Boxes with Snap Lock Bottom

The scientific analysis of packaging design mainly includes three aspects: packaging shape, structure and decoration design.
1. Packaging design. Also known as shape design, mostly refers to the shape of packaging containers. It applies aesthetic principles to the function and appearance of packaging, and carries out packaging container modelling through the changes of shape, color and other factors, which is displayed in visual form. Packaging containers must be able to reliably protect products, must have a good appearance, but also need to have the appropriate economy and so on.
2. Packaging structure design. Based on the basic functions of packaging, such as protection, convenience and reusability, and the actual conditions of production, the external and internal structure of packaging is designed according to scientific principles. According to the needs of products, a good structural design should be effective in protecting the goods. In addition, the convenience of using, carrying, displaying, shipping, etc. Kupackaging think it should be taken into account. It can be reused and display the functions of the contents.
3. Packaging and decoration design. Packaging and decoration is an organic combination of Arts and crafts and engineering technology, and a comprehensive science combining practical arts and engineering technology. It highlights the characteristics and images of products in the form of patterns, characters, colors, reliefs and other art forms. It strives to create exquisite shapes, novel patterns, clear colors, clear words, decoration and beautification of products to promote the sales of products.

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