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12 Packaging Design Skills Used by Packaging Design Company

Packaging design advertisement, more and more products rely on face value, rely on copywriting, packaging themselves directly, thus winning customers. Knowledgeable packaging design companies will naturally apply some advertising design skills to packaging design. The editor has collected some relevant knowledge, if your product needs packaging design or improvement, it is worth serious reference.
1. Usually the order in which consumers look at a package design is: image-title-text.
Interpretation: Consider packaging design works in this order.
2. 85% of the regular product names have not been seen. Why?
Interpretation: Names must be attractive. The memorization rate of distinctive names is 8 times higher than that of regular names. As follows: Rong Xiaoxian is more memorable than organic rice flower fragrant rice.
3. The number of big characters in packaging design is five times that of detailed introduction, that is to say, name and SLOGAN are very important.
Interpretation: Such an obvious 5:1 effect is worth paying attention to the category of names and slogans.
4. If mother-in-law and mother-in-law in the propaganda, you will waste 80% of the display space.
Interpretation: For the same reason as above, the focus is on what should be, what should be included and how to attract attention.
5. Double the blank space and 0.7 times the attention rate
Interpretation: This is the proportion relationship between content and blankness, and it is difficult to achieve a balance.
6. The figure "100" is more touching than "100" by 25% because it is close to reality.
Interpretation: Arabic numerals communicate faster than words. There are no boundaries for understanding. No reading goes directly to the brain.
7. Advertising slogans 8-12 words are the easiest to remember.
Interpretation: This is the slogan we often say. Sometimes slogans and headlines are the same.
8. The number of people who read packaging design images is 20% more than those who read advertising slogans.
Interpretation: Conversely, if your image is not attractive, you will die. If your title is not attractive, you will die again. Image: Title = 1.2:1, pay attention to your focus.
9. The general human mind cannot deal with more than seven units at the same time.
Interpretation: This rule appeared very early. That is to say, if there are seven products in the same layout, you should be the first one to be seen.
10. Pictures are 16 times more powerful than languages.
Interpretation: One picture is worth thousands of articles. This is the empirical evidence. If you learn how to speak with pictures, you will benefit for life.
11. Looking at triangles is twice as many as looking at squares.
Interpretation: Generally speaking, irregular shapes are more noticeable than regular shapes. This is the common sense of vision and the phenomenon of "edge-seeking" in visual psychology. Similarly, if you rotate the same square into a diamond, its attraction will be greatly increased.
12. Breaking the Convention and increasing the attention rate
Interpretation: There is a problem of degree. There is a good summary of the previous sentence: unexpected, reasonable. If you make it unexpected and unreasonable, it's a problem.

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