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What are good product packaging designs?Designs collecttion

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Leica released a white body X2. Literary and artistic models can't say more about it. Besides, the outer material of the body is actually paper.
This paper, called Constellation Jade, comes from Fedrigoni, a famous Italian paper manufacturer. It not only wears well, but also can withstand the lowest temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius. The same kind of paper is used in camera boxes. Leica said the camera is limited edition and only 25 are sold.
Well, I just want to say it's Leica.

Picture Source Pinterest, Invasion and Deletion
Designers are creatures with big brains.
There are fewer words because I'm just a porter.

45 Interesting Brochure Designs
A foldable CD packaging, very simple and beautiful.

More stunning packaging and label designs
Paper packaging is concise and convenient

Tim & Puma Mimi, Resort Studio, Switzerland.
Actually, I want to see the effect of the human face stuffed in.~
Three types of retro packaging,vintage for modern products
1.Cigarette case

1.cadbury Chocolate
Designer: Olivia Ward & Nick Jarvie

50 Superb Examples of Vintage Package Designs Used for Modern Products

Some small stationery

Dribbble - Highlighter Vapor Pen by Pavement
The highlighter of retro packaging, commented that it seems not the ordinary highlighter

This is a pencil, not a test tube, not a test tube.
Designer: Kevin Angeloni
I usually do project when collecting some food packaging, see very want to buy, like to see all kinds of good packaging because good packaging is part of product soul, good packaging will sell itself.
Japanese packaging is very concise, like this kind of imitation of fruit juice packaging
Designer: Naoto Fukasawa

After drinking, you can see the words in the water bottle. You don't want to throw them away after drinking all.

The bread wrapping that will make you laugh when you see it

Fresh meat reveals a large body.

Bowling bottles The wine bottle

Simple wrapped doughnuts

Big honey packages, made into the shape of the honeycomb is very lovely.

Chocolate packaging is better than a very creative typography.
Haelsse & Lyon
It is said that the above calendar figures are too delicate to bear with tea.
Kolle Rebbe | Kommunikationsagentur in Hamburg

Other Tea Packaging

These three tea packages are really beautiful.

Cool and Portable Coffee Packaging
(This design has been criticized because it does not conform to structural engineering. Such folding of cardboard can cause the coffee cup cover to be squeezed out.)

Chewing gum packaging complements product purpose

Italian bread. It's a real good to expose the contents.

A student designed a pizza package. Don't worry about making it all right.

Some clothes packaging drawings, I prefer concise and retro

It feels like once the packaging is very designed, the clothes inside should be good, too.

Wooden box

Creative packaging of some household goods
Ah, hey, I'm toilet paper.

I'm embarrassed to use it.

F철rpackad -Sveriges st철rsta f철rpackningsblogg F철rpackningsdesign, F철rpackningar, Grafisk Design

Special Creative Washing Powder Packaging Design

Buy dog food for your dog, like this dose of humor
Designer: Cecelia Uhr

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